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‘Ajmān is a first-order administrative unit, located in ‘Ajmān, United Arab Emirates. ‘Ajmān has a population of 234.905 inhabitants (updated 2014-07-08).

The capital of ‘Ajmān is Ajman.

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Capital > Ajman

UTM: (25.411100388,55.435001373) Code: PPLA

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Ajman International Airport

Airport > Ajman International Airport

UTM: (25.308900833,55.991699219) Code: AIRF

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United Arab Emirates
Formal nameUnited Arab Emirates
CapitalAbu Dhabi
Lifespan78 years
ISO Code, 2-letterAE
ISO Code, 3-letterARE
ISO code, numerical784
Internet TLD.AE
CurrencyUAE dirham (AED). Name of fraction: fils (inv.)
Telephone prefix+971

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