Reefs of Antigua and Barbuda

[-] Reefs of Antigua and Barbuda

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Addison Shoal17.17080-61.77080
Bird Island Reef17.13330-61.75000
Cades Reef17.00700-61.87360
Cobb Reef17.73330-61.81670
Codrington Bank17.45000-61.78330
Codrington Shoals17.48330-61.83330
Cook Shoal17.10000-61.90000
Diamond Bank17.20000-61.88330
Fellingo Shoal17.13580-61.76940
Goat Reef17.75000-61.86670
Great Sister17.16170-61.86810
Harney Shoal17.19720-61.80330
Horse Shoe17.19170-61.79170
Horse Shoe Reef17.01670-61.71670
Hurst Shoals17.10560-61.91670
Irish Bank17.06670-61.92500
James Ground17.13330-61.86670
Jarvis Shoal17.19170-61.81670
Kettle Bottom Shoals17.15000-61.76670
Little Sister17.16250-61.86500
Mamora Reef17.01670-61.73330
Middle Ground17.14440-61.88190
Middle Reef17.01430-61.87190
Palaster Reef17.53330-61.75000
Pelican Shoal17.10000-61.91670
Salt Fish Tail17.17500-61.85000
Scott Shoal17.16670-61.78330
Ward Shoal17.18330-61.78330
Warrington Bank17.14580-61.88330
Weymouth Reef17.13220-61.93110
Yam Piece Shoals17.15830-61.76940


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Antigua and Barbuda
Formal nameAntigua and Barbuda
CapitalSaint John’s
Lifespan74 years
ISO Code, 2-letterAG
ISO Code, 3-letterATG
ISO code, numerical28
Internet TLD.AG
Gentilicioof Antigua and Barbuda
CurrencyEast Caribbean dollar (XCD). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+1 809, 2014-2018© ()
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