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The Valley

Capital > The Valley

UTM: (18.216999054,-63.05780029). Altitud: 7 m. Code: PPLC

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Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport

Airport > Clayton J Lloyd International Airport

UTM: (18.204799652,-63.05509949). Altitud: 38 m. Code: AIRP

Scrub Island

Airport > Scrub Island

UTM: (18.2833004,-62.93330002) Code: AIRF

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Formal nameAnguilla
CapitalThe Valley
ISO Code, 2-letterAI
ISO Code, 3-letterAIA
ISO code, numerical660
Internet TLD.AI
CurrencyEast Caribbean dollar (XCD). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+1 809
AI previously represented French Afar and Issas, 2014-2017© ()
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