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Ice Runway

Airport > Ice Runway

UTM: (-77.85399628,166.46899414). Altitud: 10 m. Code: AIRP

Teniente R. Marsh Airport

Airport > Teniente R Marsh Airport

UTM: (-62.19079971,-58.98669815) Code: AIRP

Troll airfield

Airport > Troll airfield

UTM: (-72,2.5333299637). Altitud: 1270 m. Code: AIRF

Williams Field, Antarctic

Airport > Williams Field Antarctic

UTM: (-77.86740112,167.05700684). Altitud: 20 m. Code: AIRP

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Boutique Casa Del Arzobispado

Hotel > Boutique Casa Del Arzobispado

UTM: (-75.5503006,-75.5503006) Code: HTL

Corferias Inn

Hotel > Corferias Inn

UTM: (-74.09120178,-74.09120178) Code: HTL

Costa Del Sol & Centro De Convenciones

Hotel > Costa Del Sol and Centro De Convenciones

UTM: (-75.55480194,-75.55480194) Code: HTL

Finca Hotel Alejandria

Hotel > Finca Hotel Alejandria

UTM: (4.4710102081,-75.71179962) Code: HTL

Hotel Palma Verde

Hotel > Hotel Palma Verde

UTM: (4.4702401161,-75.76490021) Code: HTL

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Formal nameAntarctica
ISO Code, 2-letterAQ
ISO Code, 3-letterATA
ISO code, numerical10
Internet TLD.AQ
Covers the territories south of 60° south latitude Code taken from name in French: "Antarctique", 2014-2017© ()
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