Abingdon Airport

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Abingdon Airport is a airport, located in Etheridge, State of Queensland, Australia, a place where aircraft regularly land and take off, with runways, navigational aids, and major facilities for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo.

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Abingdon Airport

Airport > Abingdon Airport

UTM: (-17.66679955,143.19999695) Code: AIRP

Carpentaria Downs

Airport > Carpentaria Downs

UTM: (-18.7833004,144.3500061) Code: AIRP

Einasleigh Airport

Airport > Einasleigh Airport

UTM: (-18.50329971,144.09399414) Code: AIRP

Georgetown Airport

Airport > Georgetown Airport

UTM: (-18.30500031,143.52999878) Code: AIRP

Lyndhurst Airport

Airport > Lyndhurst Airport

UTM: (-19.19580078,144.3710022) Code: AIRP

[-] Towns of Etheridge [See all]

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Village > Einasleigh

UTM: (-18.51670074,144.1000061) Code: PPL


Village > Etheridge > Georgetown

UTM: (-18.29199982,143.54600525) Code: PPL


Village > Forsayth

UTM: (-18.58329964,143.61700439) Code: PPL

Gilbert River

Village > Gilbert River

UTM: (-18.14999962,142.86700439) Code: PPL

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