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Bruxelles-Capitale is a first-order administrative unit, located in Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium. Bruxelles-Capitale has a population of 1.830.000 inhabitants (updated 2013-03-05).

The capital of Bruxelles-Capitale is Brussels.

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Capital > Brussels

UTM: (50.850399017,4.3487801552) Code: PPLC

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322 Lambermont

Hotel > 322 Lambermont

UTM: (50.866298676,4.3859500885) Code: HTL

Adagio Brussels Centre Monnaie

Hotel > Adagio Brussels Centre Monnaie

UTM: (50.850101471,4.3518099785) Code: HTL

Albert Hotel

Hotel > Albert Hotel

UTM: (50.859798431,4.3689799309) Code: HTL

Aloft Brussels Schuman

Hotel > Aloft Brussels Schuman

UTM: (50.840000153,4.3803701401) Code: HTL

Apartments Apart Brussels

Hotel > Apartments Apart Brussels

UTM: (50.848800659,4.3505802155) Code: HTL

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Formal nameKingdom of Belgium
Lifespan80 years
ISO Code, 2-letterBE
ISO Code, 3-letterBEL
ISO code, numerical56
Internet TLD.BE
Currencyeuro (EUR). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+32
PostcodesBelgium postcodes

Administrative units in Bruxelles-Capitale

  • Bruxelles-Capitale
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