Airports of Burkina Faso

[-] Airports of Burkina Faso

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Aribinda Airport14.21540-0.89569
Arly Airport11.597001.48300
Banfora Airport10.68950-4.72743
Barsalogho Airport13.39960-1.06111
Bobo Dioulasso Airport11.16010-4.33097
Bogande Airport12.98300-0.16700
Boromo Airport11.75000-2.93333
Boulsa Airport12.65000-0.56700
Dano Airport11.13800-3.07422
Dedougou Airport12.46110-3.48794
Diapaga Airport12.050001.78300
Diebougou Airport10.95000-3.25000
Djibo Airport14.12530-1.62490
Dori Airport14.03330-0.03333
Fada N'Gourma Airport12.039500.36354
Gaoua Airport10.38250-3.16475
Gorom-Gorom Airport14.45420-0.21895
Kantchari Airport12.467001.50000
Kaya Airport13.06700-1.10000
Leo Airport11.10000-2.10000
Nouna Airport12.74370-3.86322
Orodara Airport10.98570-4.92612
Ouagadougou Airport12.35320-1.51242
Ouahigouya Airport13.56670-2.41667
Pama Airport11.250000.70000
Pô Airport11.17850-1.14498
Sebba Airport13.456900.50342
Tambao Airport14.791000.04136
Tenkodogo Airport11.80000-0.36700
Tougan Airport13.05910-3.07527
Zabré Airport11.16700-0.61700


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Burkina Faso
Formal nameBurkina Faso
Lifespan49 years
ISO Code, 2-letterBF
ISO Code, 3-letterBFA
ISO code, numerical854
Internet TLD.BF
CurrencyCFA franc (BCEAO) (XOF). Name of fraction: centime
Telephone prefix+226
Name changed from "Upper Volta" (HV)

Administrative units in Burkina Faso

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