Bouvet Island

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Island > Bouvetøya

UTM: (-54.42219925,3.3583300114) Code: ISL

Lars Island

Island > Lars Island

UTM: (-54.45280075,3.3138899803) Code: ISL

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Lykke Peak

Mountain > Lykke Peak

UTM: (-54.43669891,3.3208301067). Altitud: 765 m. Code: PK

Mosby Peak

Mountain > Mosby Peak

UTM: (-54.42359924,3.3069400787). Altitud: 670 m. Code: PK

Olav Peak

Mountain > Olav Peak

UTM: (-54.40919876,3.3527801037). Altitud: 780 m. Code: PK

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Bouvet Island
Formal nameBouvet Island
ISO Code, 2-letterBV
ISO Code, 3-letterBVT
ISO code, numerical74
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