Airports of Costa Rica

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Barra de Parismina Airport10.30280-83.34640
Barra del Colorado Airport10.76870-83.58560
Buenos Aires Airport9.16361-83.32990
Coto 47 Airport8.60156-82.96860
Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport10.59330-85.54440
Drake Bay8.71892-83.63920
Duacari 2 Airport10.35130-83.63060
Finca 63 Airport8.65107-83.06460
Golfito Airport8.65401-83.18220
Guapiles Airport10.21720-83.79700
Juan Santamaría International Airport9.99386-84.20880
La Fortuna Arenal Airport10.46950-84.57880
Laurel Airport8.44003-82.90820
Limón International Airport9.95796-83.02200
Los Chiles Airport11.03530-84.70610
Nicoya Airport10.13950-85.44620
Nosara Airport9.97649-85.65300
Palmar Sur Airport8.95028-83.46810
Paso Canoas Airport8.95681-83.54810
Pérez Zeledón Airport9.34901-83.71230
Playa Samara Airport9.90075-85.55020
Playa Sámara Carillo Airport9.87051-85.48140
Puerto Jimenez Airport8.53333-83.30000
Punta Islita Airport9.85611-85.37080
Puntarenas Chacarita Airport9.98141-84.77270
Quepos La Managua Airport9.44316-84.12980
Rio Frio / Progreso Airport10.32740-83.88760
Roxana Farms Airport10.30940-83.75830
San Alberto Airport10.14870-83.49090
San Vito De Java Airport8.82611-82.95890
Santa Clara de Guapiles Airport10.29110-83.71320
Tamarindo Airport10.31490-85.81540
Tambor Airport9.73852-85.01380
Tobías Bolaños International Airport9.95705-84.13980
Tortuguero Airport10.56900-83.51480
Upala Airport10.89220-85.01620
Ycatica Airport10.33900-83.66890


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Costa Rica
Formal nameRepublic of Costa Rica
CapitalSan José
Lifespan79 years
ISO Code, 2-letterCR
ISO Code, 3-letterCRI
ISO code, numerical188
Internet TLD.CR
GentilicioCosta Rican
CurrencyCosta Rican colón (pl. colones) (CRC). Name of fraction: céntimo
Telephone prefix+506, 2014-2018© ()
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