Republic of Cabo Verde

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Capital > Praia

UTM: (14.931500435,-23.51250076) Code: PPLC


Capital > Mindelo

UTM: (16.890100479,-24.98040009) Code: PPLA

Cova Figueira

Capital > Cova Figueira

UTM: (14.890500069,-24.29339981) Code: PPLA

Pedra Badejo

Capital > Pedra Badejo

UTM: (15.134900093,-23.53219986) Code: PPLA

São Filipe

Capital > São Filipe

UTM: (14.896100044,-24.49559975). Altitud: 40 m. Code: PPLA

[-] Airports [See all]

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Agostinho Neto Airport

Airport > Agostinho Neto Airport

UTM: (17.202800751,-25.09059906) Code: AIRP

Amílcar Cabral International Airport

Airport > Amílcar Cabral International Airport

UTM: (16.741399765,-22.94939995). Altitud: 53 m. Code: AIRP

Brava Island

Airport > Brava Island

UTM: (14.866700172,-24.73329926) Code: AIRP

Francisco Mendes International Airport

Airport > Francisco Mendes International Airport

UTM: (14.924500465,-23.49349976). Altitud: 70 m. Code: AIRQ

Maio Airport

Airport > Maio Airport

UTM: (15.156100273,-23.21369934). Altitud: 11 m. Code: AIRP

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Cape Verde
Formal nameRepublic of Cabo Verde
Lifespan70 years
ISO Code, 2-letterCV
ISO Code, 3-letterCPV
ISO code, numerical132
Internet TLD.CV
GentilicioCape Verdean
CurrencyCape Verde escudo (CVE). Name of fraction: centavo
Telephone prefix+238, 2014-2017© ()
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