Jihočeský kraj

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Jihočeský kraj is a first-order administrative unit, located in Jihočeský kraj, Czech Republic. Jihočeský kraj has a population of 625.703 inhabitants (updated 2012-11-28).

The capital of Jihočeský kraj is České Budějovice.

[-] Capitals [See all]

2 records available

České Budějovice

Capital > České Budějovice

UTM: (48.974498749,14.474300385). Altitud: 381 m. Code: PPLA

Borová Lada

Capital > Borová Lada

UTM: (48.9897995,13.659899712) Code: PPLA3

[-] Hotels and Lodges [See all]

9 records available

Clarion Congress Hotel Ceske Budejovice

Hotel > Clarion Congress Hotel Ceske Budejovice

UTM: (48.981800079,14.472299576) Code: HTL

Fähnrichův mlýn

Hotel > Fähnrichův mlýn

UTM: (49.072101593,14.890800476) Code: GHSE

Hotel Dvořák

Hotel > Hotel Dvořák

UTM: (48.811698914,14.315299988) Code: HTL

Hotel Malý Pivovar

Hotel > Hotel Malý Pivovar

UTM: (48.97359848,14.475799561) Code: HTL

Hotel Old Inn

Hotel > Hotel Old Inn

UTM: (48.810901642,14.314499855) Code: HTL

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Czech Republic
Formal nameCzech Republic
Lifespan77 years
ISO Code, 2-letterCZ
ISO Code, 3-letterCZE
ISO code, numerical203
Internet TLD.CZ
CurrencyCzech koruna (pl. koruny) (CZK). Name of fraction: halér(pl. halére)
Telephone prefix+42
PostcodesCzech Republic postcodes

Administrative units in Jihočeský kraj

  • Okres České Budějovice
  • Okres Český Krumlov
  • Okres Jindřichův Hradec
  • Okres Písek
  • Okres Prachatice
  • Okres Strakonice
  • Okres Tábor
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