Středočeský kraj

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Středočeský kraj is a first-order administrative unit, located in Středočeský kraj, Czech Republic. Středočeský kraj has a population of 1.284.629 inhabitants (updated 2012-11-28).

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1 records available

Vodochody Airport

Airport > Vodochody Airport

UTM: (50.216400146,14.39509964) Code: AIRP

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Club Hotel Praha - Průhonice

Hotel > Club Hotel Praha-Průhonice

UTM: (50.008499146,14.554100037) Code: HTL

Golf hotel club U věže

Hotel > Golf hotel club U věže

UTM: (49.994800568,14.602399826) Code: HTL

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Czech Republic
Formal nameCzech Republic
Lifespan77 years
ISO Code, 2-letterCZ
ISO Code, 3-letterCZE
ISO code, numerical203
Internet TLD.CZ
CurrencyCzech koruna (pl. koruny) (CZK). Name of fraction: halér(pl. halére)
Telephone prefix+42
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