Provincia de Zamora-Chinchipe

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Provincia de Zamora-Chinchipe is a first-order administrative unit, located in Provincia de Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador.

The capital of Provincia de Zamora-Chinchipe is Zamora.

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Capital > Zamora

UTM: (-4.066850185,-78.95490265) Code: PPLA

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Destacamento Cóndor Mirador

Tourism > Destacamento Cóndor Mirador

UTM: (-3.639300108,-78.39260101) Code: FT

Destacamento Machinaza Alto

Tourism > Destacamento Machinaza Alto

UTM: (-3.775000095,-78.4285965) Code: FT

Destacamento Namacuntza

Tourism > Destacamento Namacuntza

UTM: (-3.625829935,-78.42060089) Code: FT

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Formal nameRepublic of Ecuador
Lifespan73 years
ISO Code, 2-letterEC
ISO Code, 3-letterECU
ISO code, numerical218
Internet TLD.EC
CurrencyUS dollar (USD). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+593

Administrative units in Provincia de Zamora-Chinchipe

  • Cantón Chinchipe
  • Cantón Yacuambi
  • Cantón Yantzaza
  • Cantón Zamora
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