Constructions of Micronesia

[-] Constructions of Micronesia

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Weno - Chuuk State Legislature7.45640151.84300
Automated Weather Station 983437.62142155.15800
Baseball Stadium6.96691158.21201
Beach Canoe Houses7.38113147.02600
Boat Houses and Own Reef Passages7.25273144.45399
Canoe Houses7.45929146.37900
Capitol of Micronesia6.92551158.16200
Civil Action Team Base5.36794163.01801
Concrete Lighthouse Tower WW27.37093149.17000
GLOSS Sea Level Gauge1.07806154.80701
Historic Preservation Office9.51461138.12500
Micronesia Telecom6.96438158.21201
Office of the President of Micronesia6.92449158.16000
Pohnpei Office of Tourism6.96360158.21100
Pohnpei, NWS Office6.98169158.20200
Port Authority Building9.51591138.12500
Radio Tower-WSZA9.52833138.11900
Sea Surveillance RADAR Tower8.29700137.49001
SEAFRAME Tide and Sea Level Gauge1.07793154.80701
Softball Field3.83783154.97400
Tofol Baseball Stadium5.32768163.01199
Tofol Gym5.32802163.01100
Tofol Track and Field Stadium5.32701163.01199
Track and Field Stadium6.94992158.20500
US Yap Weather Station9.49109138.07700
Yap Baseball Stadium9.54729138.16701
Yap Education Department9.51732138.11800
Yap Gym9.54689138.16499
Yap State Parliament9.51496138.12500
Yap State Power Authority9.51445138.10201
Yap Telecommunications Department9.51701138.11800
Yap Track and Field and Football Stadium9.54583138.16600
Yap Visitors Bureau9.51602138.12199


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Formal nameMicronesia
CapitalPalikir - National Government Center
Lifespan69 years
ISO Code, 2-letterFM
ISO Code, 3-letterFSM
ISO code, numerical583
Internet TLD.FM
CurrencyUS dollar (USD). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+691
Previous ISO country name: "Micronesia"

Administrative units in Micronesia

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