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Boat Landing5.78904157.16100
Boat Pier6.95985158.29900
Boat Wharf6.94545158.29601
Chukaram Boat Pier7.35206151.59801
Commercial Wharf5.35033162.95700
East Landing8.57939149.68800
Eot Boat Pier7.38303151.74100
Eten Wharf7.35830151.88499
Excavated Falalop Landing10.01750139.78600
Faro Boat Basin7.32758151.63100
Fason Pier7.34351151.63499
Fisheries Pier7.36654151.88600
Fishing Boat Repair Facility5.33672163.02000
Gravel and Sand Docks6.97623158.20399
Grounded Barges Piers WW210.08560139.70700
Ilick Harbor7.33216151.56400
JP Army Docks7.37525151.70700
JP Aun Pier7.33472151.85201
JP Nanyo Boiki Kaisha Pier WW27.37118151.89400
JP Navy Docks7.38216151.73700
JP Peneiuk Pier7.37235151.89800
JP Sapota Pier7.31648151.85300
JP Sapou Pier7.28608151.87801
JP Temwen Pier WW26.85585158.33200
Kolonia Harbor6.97691158.20100
Kolonia Wharf6.97914158.20100
Lelu Fishing Boat Marina5.33601163.01900
Lelu Harbor5.32840163.02300
Lelu Wharf5.33018163.02499
lenger Sunset Wharf6.99637158.22701
Lenger Wharf6.99373158.22800
Local Fishery Basin7.44766151.84100
Lukunor Wharf5.50244153.81599
Mahnd Pier6.97745158.28101
Main Wharf9.51563138.12601
Malaay Wharf9.46452138.05701
Mesa Wharf7.35578151.85500
Mochon Boat Pier7.31000151.88400
Mwanitiw Boat Pier7.37883151.70399
Nanpei Pier6.95913158.28101
Natural Tamil Harbor9.51865138.13100
Nett Point Wharf6.97961158.22600
Nukaf Pier7.37969151.57600
Okat Fishing Boat Marina5.35742162.96400
Okat Harbor5.34762162.95700
Oneop Wharf5.50935153.71300
Outer Islands Ferry Berth9.51488138.12601
Pahnaul Pier6.96640158.24899
Parem Pier7.00459158.26100
Penia Pier7.39307151.70799
Petroleum Pier5.31940163.02200
Phosphate Barge Loading System9.76629140.51300
Piis Wharf7.67698151.76801
Quarry Wharf6.98308158.17700
Ramanum Pier7.40657151.67300
Ruo Pier8.61089152.24200
Sapota Pier7.38379151.58900
Sapotiw Pier7.29329151.88901
Sapwtik Pier7.00186158.22400
Satawal Landing7.37861147.02499
Satowan Wharf5.33552153.73300
SDA Pier7.37050151.58299
Secondary Wharf9.51411138.12500
The Village Dock6.96824158.26601
Touhou Pier1.07797154.80701
Truk Stop Pier7.44216151.83800
Ununo Pier7.36679151.81799
Utwa Small Vessel Harbour5.27748162.96899
Utwe Fishing Boat Marina5.27294162.97501
Weno Commercial Docks7.44478151.84000
Yachties Marina6.95906158.20300


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Formal nameMicronesia
CapitalPalikir - National Government Center
Lifespan69 years
ISO Code, 2-letterFM
ISO Code, 3-letterFSM
ISO code, numerical583
Internet TLD.FM
CurrencyUS dollar (USD). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+691
Previous ISO country name: "Micronesia"

Administrative units in Micronesia

  • Ports of State of Kosrae
  • Ports of State of Pohnpei
  • Ports of State of Chuuk
  • Ports of State of Yap
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