Beaches of Equatorial Guinea

[-] Beaches of Equatorial Guinea

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Bahía Ate-1.449445.64972
Bahía de Anganchi-1.430005.65361
Bahía de Aval-1.441115.62444
Bahía de A Jabal-1.442785.65139
Bahía de Luba3.486318.56430
Bahía de Nervión3.750008.78333
Bahía de Riaba3.390308.77256
Bahía de Santa Isabel3.750008.76667
Bahía de Venus3.766538.73347
Ensenada Alicia3.433338.81667
Ensenada de Gravina3.783338.71667
Playa de Aleñá3.528188.57784
Playa de Carboneras3.753738.75929


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Equatorial Guinea
Formal nameRepublic of Equatorial Guinea
Lifespan53 years
ISO Code, 2-letterGQ
ISO Code, 3-letterGNQ
ISO code, numerical226
Internet TLD.GQ
GentilicioEquatorial Guinean
CurrencyCFA franc (BEAC) (XAF). Name of fraction: centime
Telephone prefix+240
Code taken from name in French: "Guinée équatoriale"

Administrative units in Equatorial Guinea

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