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Malabo is the capital of Provincia de Bioko Norte, Equatorial Guinea. Malabo has a population of 155.963 inhabitants (updated 2013-02-07)

[-] Capitals of Provincia de Bioko Norte [See all]

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Capital > Malabo

UTM: (3.75,8.7833299637) Code: PPLC

[-] Towns of Provincia de Bioko Norte [See all]

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Village > Rebola

UTM: (3.7166700363,8.8333301544) Code: PPL

Santiago de Baney

Village > Santiago de Baney

UTM: (3.6991999149,8.9083995819) Code: PPL

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Equatorial Guinea
Formal nameRepublic of Equatorial Guinea
Lifespan53 years
ISO Code, 2-letterGQ
ISO Code, 3-letterGNQ
ISO code, numerical226
Internet TLD.GQ
GentilicioEquatorial Guinean
CurrencyCFA franc (BEAC) (XAF). Name of fraction: centime
Telephone prefix+240
Code taken from name in French: "Guinée équatoriale", 2014-2018© ()
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