Budapest főváros

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Budapest főváros is a first-order administrative unit, located in Budapest főváros, Hungary. Budapest főváros has a population of 1.696.128 inhabitants (updated 2014-10-05).

The capital of Budapest főváros is Budapest.

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Capital > Budapest

UTM: (47.498001099,19.039899826) Code: PPLC

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Ceu Conference Centre

Hotel > Ceu Conference Centre

UTM: (47.505298615,19.159700394) Code: HTL

Gerand Hotel Eben

Hotel > Gerand Hotel Eben

UTM: (47.506999969,19.134000778) Code: HTL


Hotel > Happy

UTM: (47.513999939,19.127000809) Code: HTL

Hotel Amadeus

Hotel > Hotel Amadeus

UTM: (47.513698578,19.13699913) Code: HTL

Hotel EXPO (Congress Hotel)

Hotel > Hotel EXPO (Congress Hotel)

UTM: (47.493400574,19.121900558) Code: HTL

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Formal nameHungary
Lifespan73 years
ISO Code, 2-letterHU
ISO Code, 3-letterHUN
ISO code, numerical348
Internet TLD.HU
Currencyforint (inv.) (HUF). Name of fraction: [fillér (inv.)]
Telephone prefix+36
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