Heves megye

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Heves megye is a first-order administrative unit, located in Heves megye, Hungary. Heves megye has a population of 319.460 inhabitants (updated 2014-10-05).

The capital of Heves megye is Eger.

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Capital > Eger

UTM: (47.902599335,20.373300552) Code: PPLA

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Hotel Korona

Hotel > Hotel Korona

UTM: (47.903800964,20.368700027) Code: HTL

Hunguest Hotel Flora

Hotel > Hunguest Hotel Flora

UTM: (47.899398804,20.380500793) Code: HTL

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Formal nameHungary
Lifespan73 years
ISO Code, 2-letterHU
ISO Code, 3-letterHUN
ISO code, numerical348
Internet TLD.HU
Currencyforint (inv.) (HUF). Name of fraction: [fillér (inv.)]
Telephone prefix+36
PostcodesHungary postcodes

Administrative units in Heves megye

  • Bélapátfalvai Járás
  • Egri Járás
  • Füzesabonyi Járás
  • Gyöngyösi Járás
  • Hatvani Járás
  • Hevesi Járás
  • Pétervásárai Járás
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