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Sheikhpura is a second -order administrative unit, located in Sheikhpura, State of Bihār, India. Sheikhpura has a population of 636.342 inhabitants (updated 2014-10-10).

[-] Capitals [See all]

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Capital > Patna

UTM: (25.602199554,85.119400024) Code: PPLA

[-] Airports [See all]

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Dhanbad Airport

Airport > Dhanbad Airport

UTM: (23.833999634,86.425300598) Code: AIRP

Muzaffarpur Airport

Airport > Muzaffarpur Airport

UTM: (26.119100571,85.313697815) Code: AIRP

Purnea Airport

Airport > Purnea Airport

UTM: (25.762300491,87.409500122) Code: AIRP

Raxaul Airport

Airport > Raxaul Airport

UTM: (26.996400833,84.819801331) Code: AIRP

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Formal nameRepublic of India
CapitalNew Delhi
Lifespan64 years
ISO Code, 2-letterIN
ISO Code, 3-letterIND
ISO code, numerical356
Internet TLD.IN
CurrencyIndian rupee (INR). Name of fraction: paisa (pl. paise)
Telephone prefix+91
PostcodesIndia postcodes, 2014-2018© ()
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