British Indian Ocean Territory

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Diego Garcia

Airport > Diego Garcia

UTM: (-7.313270092,72.411102295). Altitud: 2 m. Code: AIRP

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Tourism > Carcasse

UTM: (-7.374529839,72.481300354) Code: PPLQ

East Point Settlement

Tourism > East Point Settlement

UTM: (-7.352779865,72.468200684) Code: PPLQ

Minni Minni

Tourism > Minni Minni

UTM: (-7.316939831,72.483001709) Code: PPLQ

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British Indian Ocean Territory
Formal nameBritish Indian Ocean Territory
ISO Code, 2-letterIO
ISO Code, 3-letterIOT
ISO code, numerical86
Internet TLD.IO
CurrencyUS dollar (USD). Name of fraction: cent, 2014-2017© ()
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