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is a not available, located in Iran.

[-] Capitals of Iran [See all]

388 records available


Capital > Ābādeh

UTM: (31.160800934,52.650600433) Code: PPLA2


Capital > Abarkūh

UTM: (31.128900528,53.282398224) Code: PPLA2


Capital > Ābdānān

UTM: (32.992599487,47.419799805) Code: PPLA2


Capital > Abhar

UTM: (36.146800995,49.217998505) Code: PPLA2

Abū Mūsā

Capital > Abū Mūsā

UTM: (25.86700058,55.023601532) Code: PPLA2

[-] Airports of Iran [See all]

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Abadan International Airport

Airport > Abadan International Airport

UTM: (30.371099472,48.228298187). Altitud: 5 m. Code: AIRP

Abu Musa Airport

Airport > Abu Musa Airport

UTM: (25.875799179,55.033599854). Altitud: 7 m. Code: AIRP

Abyazan Airfield

Airport > Abyazan Airfield

UTM: (33.357200623,51.944400787). Altitud: 1753 m. Code: AIRF

Aghajari Airport

Airport > Aghajari Airport

UTM: (30.739099503,49.686901093) Code: AIRF

Ahwaz International Airport

Airport > Ahwaz International Airport

UTM: (31.337400436,48.762001038). Altitud: 20 m. Code: AIRP

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