Artemide Hotel

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Artemide Hotel is a hotel, located in Siracusa, Provincia di Siracusa, Sicilia, Italy, a building providing lodging and/or meals for the public.

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Capital > Siracusa

UTM: (37.084098816,15.27630043). Altitud: 17 m. Code: PPLA2

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Albatros Hotel

Hotel > Albatros Hotel

UTM: (36.988601685,15.216400146) Code: HTL

Aldebaran Family Hotel

Hotel > Aldebaran Family Hotel

UTM: (37.075099945,15.217499733) Code: HTL

Alla Giudecca Residence Hotel

Hotel > Alla Giudecca Residence Hotel

UTM: (37.05960083,15.297599792) Code: HTL

Arenella Resort

Hotel > Arenella Resort

UTM: (36.987701416,15.250800133) Code: HTL

Aretusa Vacanze

Hotel > Aretusa Vacanze

UTM: (37.05739975,15.293999672) Code: HTL

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Formal nameRepubblica Italiana
Lifespan82 years
ISO Code, 2-letterIT
ISO Code, 3-letterITA
ISO code, numerical380
Internet TLD.IT
Currencyeuro (EUR). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+39
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