Hotels and Lodges of Jamaica

[-] Hotels and Lodges of Jamaica

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Alamanda Inn18.43400-77.28280
Bar B Barn Hotel18.15610-77.31070
Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club All Inclusive18.41860-77.04330
Beaches Sandy Bay All Inclusive18.28210-78.35400
Breezes Montego Bay All Inclusive18.49560-77.92780
Breezes Runaway Bay18.43400-77.28280
Breezes Runaway Bay Resort18.46500-77.31100
Bungalo Hotel18.26660-78.34990
Castles By The Sea18.46660-77.91660
Charela Inn18.26640-78.32670
Club Ambiance18.46870-77.30200
Club Ambiance All Inclusive Adults Only18.46590-77.30320
CocoLaPalm Seaside Resort18.30870-78.32940
Columbus Heights18.40960-77.10400
Coral Cliff Hotel And Entertai18.46660-77.91660
Coral Cove Resort18.26470-78.32770
Country Country18.34180-78.33470
Couples Negril All Inclusive18.35970-78.33610
Couples Ocho Rios All Inclusive18.42320-77.14950
Couples Sans Souci All Inclusive18.41960-77.05010
Couples Secret Rendezvous All Inclusive18.45600-77.92920
Couples Swept Away Negril All Inclusive18.35970-78.33610
Courtleigh Hotel And Suites18.02830-76.80520
Coyaba Beach Resort & Club18.50750-77.91430
Doctors Cave Beach Hotel18.48880-77.92820
El Greco Resort18.46660-77.91660
FDR Pebbles All Inclusive18.35000-77.40000
FDR Pebbles Resort18.46890-77.42230
Firefly Beach Cottage18.26660-78.34990
Fishermans Point Resort18.37700-76.99960
Foote Prints18.32810-78.33550
Foote Prints On The Sands Hotel18.26640-78.32670
Four Seasons Hotel18.02830-76.80520
Franklyn D Family Resort18.46480-77.32000
Franklyn D Resort And Spa18.43400-77.28280
Gloustershire Hotel18.48830-77.92880
Golden Seas Beach Resort18.39480-76.95840
Goldeneye All Inclusive18.40760-76.92360
Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica18.46120-77.31820
Grand Lido Braco18.46890-77.42230
Grand Lido Braco Resort & Spa All Inclusive18.48240-77.62680
Grand Lido Negril18.26640-78.32670
Half Moon Club18.50780-77.76880
Half Moon Royal Villas18.50780-77.76880
Harding Hall House18.40000-78.28330
Hedonism Ii18.26640-78.32670
Hedonism II All Inclusive Resort18.35830-78.33660
Hedonism III All Inclusive18.43060-77.16400
Hilton Kingston17.98860-76.80950
Hotel Mocking Bird Hill18.13870-76.34440
Jamaica Inn18.41410-77.06650
Jamaica Palace Hotel18.15250-76.35790
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel17.99900-76.81140
Knutsford Court Hotel18.02830-76.80520
Kool Rooms18.05360-77.70860
La Mar Resort And Cafe18.26660-78.34990
Legends Beach Resort18.31980-78.33280
Lost Beach Resort18.26640-78.32670
Negril Inn18.26660-78.34990
Negril Tree House Resort18.34370-78.33570
Negril's Idle Awhile18.33540-78.33280
Palm View Hotel18.04170-77.69260
Ritz Carlton Rose Hall Jamaica18.50780-77.76880
RIU Negril All Inclusive18.37210-78.33170
RIU Ocho Rios All Inclusive18.41960-77.14660
Rocalta Resort And Spa18.26660-78.34990
Rockhouse Hotel18.26640-78.32670
Rondel Village18.31510-78.33220
Rooms on the Beach18.40860-77.09830
Rose Hall Castles Beach Resort18.50780-77.76880
Rose Hall Resort & Country Club18.52260-77.85250
Rose Hall Resort And Country Cl18.50780-77.76880
Round Hill Hotel And Villas18.45160-77.97510
Royal Decameron Club Caribbean All Inclusive18.46220-77.32160
Royal Decameron Montego Beach All Inclusive18.47950-77.92840
Royal Plantation18.41130-77.06940
Runaway Bay Heart Hotel18.45480-77.29650
Samsara Resort18.26860-78.36060
Sandals Dunn's River Villaggio Golf Resort & Spa18.41590-77.13890
Sandals Dunns River Resort18.37700-76.99960
Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach & Villa Resort18.40670-77.08190
Sandals Inn18.46320-77.91660
Sandals Inn All Inclusive18.49560-77.92680
Sandals Montego Bay All Inclusive18.49930-77.92590
Sandals Ocho Rios18.40100-77.10800
Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Offshore Island18.50020-77.92300
Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa All Inclusive18.09880-77.97340
Silver Seas Hotel18.40860-77.07710
Sonrise Beach Retreat18.15610-77.31070
Starfish Trelawny All Inclusive18.49430-77.64710
Starfish Trelawny Beach Resort18.46890-77.42230
Strawberry Hill All Inclusive18.05000-76.71670
Sunflower Beach Resort And Vil18.43400-77.28280
Sunset Beach Resort and Spa All Inclusive18.46440-77.93460
Sunset Caribbean Hotel18.26350-78.36630
Sunset Jamaica Grande All Inclusive18.40950-77.09640
SuperClubs Super Surprise All Inclusive18.46950-77.92100
Tensing Pen Hotel18.25310-78.34230
The Caves All Inclusive18.24210-78.33750
The Liguanea Club18.00490-76.78880
The Negril Escape Resort and Spa18.24850-78.35290
The Wexford Montego Bay18.49650-77.92300
Toby's Resort18.46600-77.93000
Travellers Beach Resort18.26640-78.32670
Treasure Beach17.90000-77.68010
Whistling Bird Resort18.26660-78.34990
White Sands Negril18.33270-78.33180


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Formal nameJamaica
Lifespan72 years
ISO Code, 2-letterJM
ISO Code, 3-letterJAM
ISO code, numerical388
Internet TLD.JM
CurrencyJamaica dollar (JMD). Name of fraction: cent
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