Natural Parks of Jamaica

[-] Natural Parks of Jamaica

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Blue Mountain, Big Level18.02750-76.59650
Carder Park18.16670-76.43330
District of Annotto Bay18.20350-76.76510
District of Bagnolds18.28030-76.96320
District of Cross Roads17.98330-76.78330
District of Davyton18.09570-77.44090
District of Half Way Tree18.00000-76.80000
District of Hope Bay18.16900-76.55620
District of Lime Savanna17.97110-77.34380
District of Look Behind18.23890-77.67840
District of Lower Saint David17.91020-76.50690
District of Manchioneal18.06740-76.32420
District of Mile Gully18.14570-77.52650
District of Morant17.92670-76.42600
District of Plantain Garden River and Port Morant17.94360-76.33730
District of Port Maria18.35100-76.88220
District of Port Royal17.99950-76.68550
District of Portland18.13640-76.49840
District of Retreat18.38740-77.00710
District of Richmond18.21240-76.88400
District of Saint David17.97380-76.62610
District of Saint Dorothy18.04370-77.14630
District of Saint George18.17430-76.64360
District of Saint John18.11870-77.10690
District of Saint Thomas in Ye Vale18.14100-77.05700
District of Upper Saint David17.96780-76.56360
District of Vere17.84750-77.27220
Dolphin Cove18.39860-77.10330
Dunns River Falls and Beach18.41680-77.13870
Emancipation Park18.00280-76.78970
Grove Place District18.09240-77.52620
Hollywell Park-Portland Parish18.08740-76.72640
Holywell Park-Saint Andrew Parish18.07790-76.72580
Hope Gardens18.02340-76.74950
Mission River Nature Reserve18.19990-77.26080
Moneague District18.27450-77.12630
Pedro District18.28490-77.20840
Salt Pond17.98270-77.83300
Salt Pond District17.95490-76.91010


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Lifespan72 years
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ISO Code, 3-letterJAM
ISO code, numerical388
Internet TLD.JM
CurrencyJamaica dollar (JMD). Name of fraction: cent
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