Al Karak

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Al Karak is a first-order administrative unit, located in Al Karak, Jordan. Al Karak has a population of 207.335 inhabitants (updated 2014-05-29).

The capital of Al Karak is Karak City.

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Karak City

Capital > Karak City

UTM: (31.163700104,35.762001038). Altitud: 930 m. Code: PPLA

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Al Manzil

Airport > Al Manzil

UTM: (31.080999374,36.025901794) Code: AIRF

Al Qaţrānī

Airport > Al Qaţrānī

UTM: (31.250799179,36.052101135) Code: AIRQ

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Formal nameHashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Lifespan72 years
ISO Code, 2-letterJO
ISO Code, 3-letterJOR
ISO code, numerical400
Internet TLD.JO
CurrencyJordanian dinar (JOD). Name of fraction: 100 qirsh,1.000 fils
Telephone prefix+962, 2014-2018© ()
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