Amami Airport

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Amami Airport is a airport, located in Japan, a place where aircraft regularly land and take off, with runways, navigational aids, and major facilities for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo.

[-] Capitals of Japan [See all]

60 records available


Capital > Aisai

UTM: (35.16350174,136.73199463) Code: PPLA2

Akita Shi

Capital > Akita Shi

UTM: (39.718101501,140.10299683) Code: PPLA

Aomori Shi

Capital > Aomori Shi

UTM: (40.824401855,140.74000549) Code: PPLA


Capital > Chiba

UTM: (35.604698181,140.1230011) Code: PPLA


Capital > Fukui-shi

UTM: (36.064399719,136.2230072) Code: PPLA

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Aguni Island

Airport > Aguni Island

UTM: (26.600000381,127.23300171). Altitud: 29 m. Code: AIRP

Akeno Ab

Airport > Akeno Ab

UTM: (34.533298492,136.68299866). Altitud: 6 m. Code: AIRF

Akita Airport

Airport > Akita Airport

UTM: (39.615600586,140.21899414). Altitud: 95 m. Code: AIRP

Amakusa Airfield

Airport > Amakusa Airfield

UTM: (32.482299805,130.15899658) Code: AIRF

Amami Airport

Airport > Amami Airport

UTM: (28.430599213,129.71299744). Altitud: 8 m. Code: AIRP

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Formal nameJapan
Lifespan83 years
ISO Code, 2-letterJP
ISO Code, 3-letterJPN
ISO code, numerical392
Internet TLD.JP
Currencyyen (inv.) (JPY). Name of fraction: [sen (inv.)] (JP1)
Telephone prefix+81
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