Cayman Islands

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George Town

Capital > George Town

UTM: (19.286600113,-81.37439728) Code: PPLC

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Edward Bodden Airfield

Airport > Edward Bodden Airfield

UTM: (19.659999847,-80.08779907) Code: AIRP

Little Cayman

Airport > Little Cayman

UTM: (19.649999619,-80.25) Code: AIRF

Owen Roberts International Airport

Airport > Owen Roberts International Airport

UTM: (19.292800903,-81.35769653). Altitud: 2 m. Code: AIRP

Sir Charles Kirkconnell International Airport

Airport > Sir Charles Kirkconnell International Airport

UTM: (19.687200546,-79.87999725) Code: AIRP

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Cayman Islands
Formal nameCayman Islands
CapitalGeorge Town
ISO Code, 2-letterKY
ISO Code, 3-letterCYM
ISO code, numerical136
Internet TLD.KY
CurrencyCayman Islands dollar (KYD). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+1 809, 2014-2017© ()
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