Mohafazat Béqaa

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Mohafazat Béqaa is a first-order administrative unit, located in Mohafazat Béqaa, Lebanon.

The capital of Mohafazat Béqaa is Zahlé.

[-] Capitals [See all]

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Capital > Zahlé

UTM: (33.846698761,35.902000427) Code: PPLA

Joubb Jannîne

Capital > Joubb Jannîne

UTM: (33.626899719,35.784198761) Code: PPLA2

Râchaïya el Ouadi

Capital > Râchaïya el Ouadi

UTM: (33.500900269,35.843700409) Code: PPLA2

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Grand Hotel Kadri

Hotel > Grand Hotel Kadri

UTM: (33.941699982,35.923900604) Code: HTL

Holiday Suites Hotel And Beach

Hotel > Holiday Suites Hotel And Beach

UTM: (33.941699982,35.923900604) Code: HTL

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Formal nameLebanon
Lifespan70 years
ISO Code, 2-letterLB
ISO Code, 3-letterLBN
ISO code, numerical422
Internet TLD.LB
CurrencyLebanese pound (LBP). Name of fraction: [piastre]
Telephone prefix+961

Administrative units in Mohafazat Béqaa

  • Caza de la Beqâa-Ouest
  • Caza de Rachaïya
  • Caza de Zahleh
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