Churches and Temples of Liberia

[-] Churches and Temples of Liberia

39 records available
Agi Mission5.83333-9.81667
Assembly of God Mission6.28056-10.31860
Bamake Mission4.70000-7.73333
Bendu Industrial Mission6.76667-11.23330
Boys Town Mission6.20000-10.55000
Bromley Mission6.41667-10.75000
Butwin Mission6.03333-9.35000
Canwood Mission6.46667-9.76667
Community Church of Harbel6.27778-10.34530
Daniel Foster Mission5.80000-9.86667
Evening Star Church6.52917-10.35750
Gahnpa Methodist Mission7.23222-8.97361
Ganta Mission5.91667-9.65000
Gaple Mission7.13333-8.46667
Harbel Chapel6.31667-10.33330
Kpolopele Mission6.88333-10.40000
Liberian Inland Mission6.16667-9.78333
Liberian Soul Mission6.28333-10.66670
Lot Carey Mission6.95583-10.53780
Maabli Mission6.23333-9.86667
Maawe Mission5.71667-9.75000
Manalu Mission4.71667-7.71667
Mary Sharpe Methodist Church5.88333-10.05000
Masating Church6.93333-11.00000
Mid-Liberian Mission6.10000-9.65000
Pillar of Fire Mission5.38333-9.51667
Saint Andrews Mission6.95000-11.00000
Saint Augustine Church6.53028-10.35060
Saint Christopher Church6.52917-10.35670
Saint Johns Episcopal Church6.75139-11.36970
Saint Johns Episcopal Mission6.75028-11.36940
Saint Marks Mission6.80000-10.36670
Saint Stevens Mission7.00000-11.30000
Standard Open Bible Mission5.51667-9.61667
Suehn Mission6.63333-10.70000
Voice of Africa Mission6.35000-9.63333
Wissi Mission4.73333-7.63333
Worfree Mission5.27528-8.36639
Zuo Mission7.02889-10.76360


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Formal nameRepublic of Liberia
Lifespan56 years
ISO Code, 2-letterLR
ISO Code, 3-letterLBR
ISO code, numerical430
Internet TLD.LR
CurrencyLiberian dollar (LRD). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+231, 2014-2018© ()
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