Sinoe County

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Sinoe County is a first-order administrative unit, located in Sinoe County, Liberia.

The capital of Sinoe County is Greenville.

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Capital > Greenville

UTM: (5.0111098289,-9.038889885) Code: PPLA

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Buchanan Airport

Airport > Buchanan Airport

UTM: (5.9041099548,-10.05770016) Code: AIRF

Greenville/Sinoe Airport

Airport > Greenville-Sinoe Airport

UTM: (5.0324997902,-9.064169884) Code: AIRF

Sasstown Airport

Airport > Sasstown Airport

UTM: (4.6672401428,-8.426989555) Code: AIRF

Sinoe Falls

Airport > Sinoe Falls

UTM: (5.1461100578,-8.978890419) Code: AIRF

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Formal nameRepublic of Liberia
Lifespan56 years
ISO Code, 2-letterLR
ISO Code, 3-letterLBR
ISO code, numerical430
Internet TLD.LR
CurrencyLiberian dollar (LRD). Name of fraction: cent
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