Saint Martin

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Capital > Marigot

UTM: (18.066699982,-63.08330154) Code: PPLC

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L'Espérance Airport

Airport > LEspérance Airport

UTM: (18.100200653,-63.04759979) Code: AIRF

Marigot Sea Plane Base

Airport > Marigot Sea Plane Base

UTM: (18.068799973,-63.0909996) Code: AIRS

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Saint Martin
Formal nameSaint Martin
ISO Code, 2-letterMF
ISO Code, 3-letter
ISO code, numerical
Internet TLD.MF
Gentilicioof Saint Martin
Currencyeuro (EUR). Name of fraction: cent
The Dutch part of Saint Martin island is assigned code SX, 2014-2017© ()
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