Hotels and Lodges of Papua New Guinea

[-] Hotels and Lodges of Papua New Guinea

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Agakamatasa Government Rest House-6.73008145.62300
Agamusei Government Rest House-6.72421145.69701
Alotau International Hotel-10.33330150.41701
Andandara Government Rest House-6.45000146.01700
Anumpa Government Rest House-6.49348145.61700
Arokara Government Rest House-6.41667145.83299
Awarosa Government Rest House-6.70000145.64999
Barabuna Government Rest House-6.41667145.93300
Barosira Government Rest House-6.41667146.06700
Comfort Inn Coast Watchers-5.21660145.80000
Gerama Rest House-6.40000145.05000
Hengeiapa Rest House-7.00000146.01700
Hwafra Rest Hut-6.73450145.11400
Ilesa Government Rest House-6.66816145.66200
Ivaki Government Rest House-6.70796145.51601
Ivingoi Government Rest House-6.61398145.56200
Kabuye Government Rest House-6.53333145.51700
Kagai Rest House-6.00903144.99400
Kaluan Rest House-3.30000151.89999
Kebil Rest House-6.20000145.03300
Ke’efu Government Rest House-6.49988145.55000
Kimbe Bay Hotel-5.55000150.14999
Kwin Rest House-9.28333149.06700
Mane Rest Hut-6.55000145.35001
Migagi Rest House-6.28333144.96700
Mobuta Government Rest House-6.68795145.69901
Nompia Government Rest House-6.50366145.89200
Ofafina Government Rest House-6.41667145.66701
Oiyana Government Rest House-6.41667145.73300
Okana Government Rest House-6.45000145.83299
Okasa Government Rest House-6.58007145.67200
Omungi Rest House-5.98333144.73300
Paiti Rest Hut-6.75000145.39999
Purosa Government Rest House-6.66677145.56400
Quality Hotel Bird Of Paradise-6.09990145.39600
Quality Hotel Gateway-9.48330147.18300
Quality Hotel Highlander-5.86339144.22501
Quality Hotel Melanesian-6.55000146.70000
Raipinka Government Rest House-6.30000145.81700
Safanaga Government Rest House-6.06667145.58299
Saiora Government Rest House-6.38333145.96700
Smugglers Inn Resort-5.21660145.80000
Tondona Government Rest House-6.48333145.86700
Treehouse Village Resort-2.58400150.79201
Tsanianogo Government Rest House-6.96667146.01700
Watcherapinti Government Rest House-6.80000145.60001
Wir Rest Hut-6.75000145.14999
Yakia Government Rest House-6.64098145.72400
Yasubi Government Rest House-6.55598145.57700
Yumi Rest Hut-6.55000145.38300


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Papua New Guinea
Formal nameIndependent State of Papua New Guinea
CapitalPort Moresby
LanguagePidgin English & Police Motu
Lifespan63 years
ISO Code, 2-letterPG
ISO Code, 3-letterPNG
ISO code, numerical598
Internet TLD.PG
GentilicioPapua New Guinean
Currencykina (inv.) (PGK). Name of fraction: toea (inv.)
Telephone prefix+675, 2014-2018© ()
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