Gulf Province

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Gulf Province is a first-order administrative unit, located in Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea.

The capital of Gulf Province is Kerema.

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Capital > Kerema

UTM: (-7.963089943,145.77900696) Code: PPLA

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Andakombe Airport

Airport > Andakombe Airport

UTM: (-7.137279987,145.74499512) Code: AIRP

Baimuru Airport

Airport > Baimuru Airport

UTM: (-7.496860027,144.82000732) Code: AIRP


Airport > Biaru

UTM: (-7.666669846,146.3500061) Code: AIRP


Airport > Hawabango

UTM: (-7.433330059,145.96699524) Code: AIRP


Airport > Hivaro

UTM: (-6.933330059,143.06700134) Code: AIRP

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Papua New Guinea
Formal nameIndependent State of Papua New Guinea
CapitalPort Moresby
LanguagePidgin English & Police Motu
Lifespan63 years
ISO Code, 2-letterPG
ISO Code, 3-letterPNG
ISO code, numerical598
Internet TLD.PG
GentilicioPapua New Guinean
Currencykina (inv.) (PGK). Name of fraction: toea (inv.)
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