Saint Pierre and Miquelon

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Capital > Miquelon

UTM: (47.097499847,-56.38140106) Code: PPLA


Capital > Saint-Pierre

UTM: (46.779098511,-56.1772995) Code: PPLC

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Miquelon Airport

Airport > Miquelon Airport

UTM: (47.095500946,-56.38029861) Code: AIRP

Saint-Pierre Airport

Airport > Saint-Pierre Airport

UTM: (46.762699127,-56.1753006). Altitud: 8 m. Code: AIRP

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Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Formal nameSaint Pierre and Miquelon
ISO Code, 2-letterPM
ISO Code, 3-letterSPM
ISO code, numerical666
Internet TLD.PM
GentilicioSt-Pierrais; Miquelonnais
Currencyeuro (EUR). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+508
PostcodesSaint Pierre and Miquelon postcodes

Administrative units in Saint Pierre and Miquelon

  • Commune de Miquelon-Langlade
  • Commune de Saint-Pierre
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