Homs Governorate

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Homs Governorate is a first-order administrative unit, located in Homs Governorate, Syrian Arab Republic.

The capital of Homs Governorate is Homs.

[-] Capitals [See all]

23 records available


Capital > Homs

UTM: (34.726799011,36.723400116) Code: PPLA

Ar Rastan

Capital > Ar Rastan

UTM: (34.926498413,36.732398987) Code: PPLA2


Capital > Tadmur

UTM: (34.560798645,38.280498505) Code: PPLA2

Al Quşayr

Capital > Al Quşayr

UTM: (34.509101868,36.579799652) Code: PPLA2


Capital > Tallbīsah

UTM: (34.84059906,36.730899811) Code: PPLA3

[-] Hotels and Lodges [See all]

7 records available


Hotel > Dabbūsīyah

UTM: (34.635101318,36.112201691) Code: HTL

Funduq Safīr Ḩimş

Hotel > Funduq Safīr Ḩimş

UTM: (34.724300385,36.70059967) Code: HTL

Funduq Tadmur

Hotel > Funduq Tadmur

UTM: (34.555301666,38.27640152) Code: HTL

Funduq Tadmur ash Shām

Hotel > Funduq Tadmur ash Shām

UTM: (34.547298431,38.259799957) Code: HTL

Funduq Zanūbiyā

Hotel > Funduq Zanūbiyā

UTM: (34.554000854,38.270801544) Code: HTL

Other categories of Homs Governorate


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Syrian Arab Republic
Formal nameSyrian Arab Republic
Lifespan72 years
ISO Code, 2-letterSY
ISO Code, 3-letterSYR
ISO code, numerical760
Internet TLD.SY
CurrencySyrian pound (SYP). Name of fraction: piastre
Telephone prefix+963
ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: "Syria")

Administrative units in Homs Governorate

  • Al-Mukharram District
  • Al-Qusayr District
  • Al-Rastan District
  • Homs District
  • Tadmur District
  • Talkalakh District
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