Changwat Trang

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Changwat Trang is a first-order administrative unit, located in Changwat Trang, Thailand. Changwat Trang has a population of 612.757 inhabitants (updated 2012-01-16).

The capital of Changwat Trang is Trang.

[-] Capitals [See all]

10 records available


Capital > Trang

UTM: (7.556330204,99.61139679) Code: PPLA

Huai Yot

Capital > Huai Yot

UTM: (7.78937006,99.63469696) Code: PPLA2


Capital > Kantang

UTM: (7.4054198265,99.515602112) Code: PPLA2

Hat Samran

Capital > Hat Samran

UTM: (7.2403402328,99.576202393) Code: PPLA2

Na Yong

Capital > Na Yong

UTM: (7.5616698265,99.694801331) Code: PPLA2

[-] Hotels and Lodges [See all]

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Amari Trang Beach Resort and Spa, Krabi/ Trang

Hotel > Amari Trang Beach Resort and Spa Krabi-Trang

UTM: (7.4538998604,99.348701477) Code: HTL

Chateau Hill Resort

Hotel > Chateau Hill Resort

UTM: (7.5487699509,99.614501953) Code: HTL

Koh Mook Charlie Beach Resort

Hotel > Koh Mook Charlie Beach Resort

UTM: (7.3600797653,99.294998169) Code: HTL

The Seven Seas Resort

Hotel > The Seven Seas Resort

UTM: (7.2385997772,99.370796204) Code: HTL

Thumrin Thana Hotel

Hotel > Thumrin Thana Hotel

UTM: (7.5580501556,99.607498169) Code: HTL

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Formal nameKingdom of Thailand
Lifespan70 years
ISO Code, 2-letterTH
ISO Code, 3-letterTHA
ISO code, numerical764
Internet TLD.TH
Currencybaht (inv.) (THB). Name of fraction: satang (inv.)
Telephone prefix+66
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