Mata'aho Airport

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Mata'aho Airport is a airport, located in Tonga, a place where aircraft regularly land and take off, with runways, navigational aids, and major facilities for the commercial handling of passengers and cargo.

[-] Capitals of Tonga [See all]

5 records available


Capital > Hihifo

UTM: (-15.95440006,-173.7960052) Code: PPLA


Capital > Neiafu

UTM: (-18.64999962,-173.9830017) Code: PPLA


Capital > Nuku‘alofa

UTM: (-21.13940048,-175.2019958) Code: PPLC


Capital > Pangai

UTM: (-19.81469917,-174.3540039) Code: PPLA


Capital > ‘Ohonua

UTM: (-21.33329964,-174.9499969) Code: PPLA

[-] Airports of Tonga [See all]

6 records available

Fuaʻamotu International Airport

Airport > Fuaʻamotu International Airport

UTM: (-21.24119949,-175.1499939). Altitud: 38 m. Code: AIRP

Kaufana Airport

Airport > Kaufana Airport

UTM: (-21.37829971,-174.9579926) Code: AIRP

Lifuka Island Airport

Airport > Lifuka Island Airport

UTM: (-19.77759933,-174.3410034) Code: AIRP

Mata'aho Airport

Airport > Mataaho Airport

UTM: (-15.57079983,-175.6329956) Code: AIRP

Niuatoputapu Airport

Airport > Niuatoputapu Airport

UTM: (-15.9769001,-173.7920074) Code: AIRP

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Formal nameKingdom of Tonga
Lifespan70 years
ISO Code, 2-letterTO
ISO Code, 3-letterTON
ISO code, numerical776
Internet TLD.TO
Currencypa’anga (inv.) (TOP). Name of fraction: seniti (inv.)
Telephone prefix+676

Administrative units in Tonga

  • Eua
  • Ha‘apai
  • Niuas
  • Tongatapu
  • Vava‘u
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