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Iowa is a first-order administrative unit, located in Iowa, United States, 292 meters above sea level (masl). Iowa has a population of 2.955.010 inhabitants (updated 2013-03-08).

The capital of Iowa is Des Moines.

[-] Capitals [See all]

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Des Moines

Capital > Des Moines

UTM: (41.600498199,-93.60910034). Altitud: 266 m. Code: PPLA

Cedar Rapids

Capital > Cedar Rapids

UTM: (42.008300781,-91.64409637). Altitud: 247 m. Code: PPLA2


Capital > Davenport

UTM: (41.523601532,-90.57759857). Altitud: 180 m. Code: PPLA2

Sioux City

Capital > Sioux City

UTM: (42.5,-96.40029907). Altitud: 366 m. Code: PPLA2


Capital > Waterloo

UTM: (42.492801666,-92.34300232). Altitud: 261 m. Code: PPLA2

[-] Airports [See all]

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Abels Island Airport

Airport > Abels Island Airport

UTM: (42.809200287,-91.09819794). Altitud: 188 m. Code: AIRP

Ackley Municipal Airport

Airport > Ackley Municipal Airport

UTM: (42.545799255,-93.03410339). Altitud: 323 m. Code: AIRP

Aero-Lane Airport

Airport > Aero-Lane Airport

UTM: (40.884998322,-95.48529816). Altitud: 344 m. Code: AIRP


Airport > Aerodrome

UTM: (42.200298309,-93.63410187). Altitud: 311 m. Code: AIRP

Airport Okoboji

Airport > Airport Okoboji

UTM: (43.370800018,-95.12580109). Altitud: 437 m. Code: AIRP

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United States
Formal nameUnited States
CapitalWashington, D. C.
Lifespan78 years
ISO Code, 2-letterUS
ISO Code, 3-letterUSA
ISO code, numerical840
Internet TLD.US
GentilicioAmerican; US citizen
CurrencyUS dollar (USD). Name of fraction: cent
Telephone prefix+1
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