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Oklahoma is a first-order administrative unit, located in Oklahoma, United States, 369 meters above sea level (masl). Oklahoma has a population of 3.547.049 inhabitants (updated 2013-03-08).

The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City.

[-] Capitals [See all]

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Oklahoma City

Capital > Oklahoma City

UTM: (35.467601776,-97.5164032). Altitud: 366 m. Code: PPLA


Capital > Tulsa

UTM: (36.153999329,-95.99279785). Altitud: 220 m. Code: PPLA2


Capital > Norman

UTM: (35.22259903,-97.4394989). Altitud: 357 m. Code: PPLA2


Capital > Lawton

UTM: (34.608699799,-98.39029694). Altitud: 339 m. Code: PPLA2


Capital > Enid

UTM: (36.395599365,-97.87840271). Altitud: 378 m. Code: PPLA2

[-] Airports [See all]

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5B Ranch Airport

Airport > 5B Ranch Airport

UTM: (35.728099823,-97.54180145). Altitud: 325 m. Code: AIRP

81st Street Airpark

Airport > 81st Street Airpark

UTM: (36.044498444,-95.86579895). Altitud: 224 m. Code: AIRP

Ada Municipal Airport

Airport > Ada Municipal Airport

UTM: (34.803100586,-96.67140198). Altitud: 302 m. Code: AIRP

Adams Ranch Airport

Airport > Oklahoma > Osage County > Adams Ranch Airport

UTM: (36.959999084,-96.55220032). Altitud: 398 m. Code: AIRP

Airman Acres Airport

Airport > Airman Acres Airport

UTM: (36.335800171,-95.89279938). Altitud: 212 m. Code: AIRP

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