Departamento de Treinta y Tres

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Departamento de Treinta y Tres is a first-order administrative unit, located in Departamento de Treinta y Tres, Uruguay. Departamento de Treinta y Tres has a population of 49.324 inhabitants (updated 2012-01-16).

The capital of Departamento de Treinta y Tres is Treinta y Tres.

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Treinta y Tres

Capital > Treinta y Tres

UTM: (-33.23329926,-54.38330078) Code: PPLA

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Village > Vergara

UTM: (-32.93330002,-53.95000076) Code: PPL

Santa Clara de Olimar

Village > Santa Clara de Olimar

UTM: (-32.91669846,-54.96670151) Code: PPL


Village > Tupambaé

UTM: (-32.83330154,-54.76670074) Code: PPL

Villa Sara

Village > Villa Sara

UTM: (-33.26670074,-54.41669846) Code: PPL


Village > Acosta

UTM: (-33.23329926,-53.84999847) Code: PPL

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Lifespan75 years
ISO Code, 2-letterUY
ISO Code, 3-letterURY
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CurrencyUruguayan peso (UYU). Name of fraction: centésimo
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