Estado Nueva Esparta

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Estado Nueva Esparta is a first-order administrative unit, located in Estado Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. Estado Nueva Esparta has a population of 491.610 inhabitants (updated 2014-06-04).

The capital of Estado Nueva Esparta is La Asunción.

[-] Capitals [See all]

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Capital > Porlamar

UTM: (10.958000183,-63.84909821) Code: PPLA2

La Asunción

Capital > La Asunción

UTM: (11.0333004,-63.8628006) Code: PPLA

Juan Griego

Capital > Juan Griego

UTM: (11.081700325,-63.96549988) Code: PPLA2

Boca del Río

Capital > Boca del Río

UTM: (10.967599869,-64.18049622) Code: PPLA2

El Valle del Espíritu Santo

Capital > El Valle del Espíritu Santo

UTM: (10.98279953,-63.8830986) Code: PPLA2

[-] Airports [See all]

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Andrés Miguel Salazar Marcano Airport

Airport > Andrés Miguel Salazar Marcano Airport

UTM: (10.794500351,-63.98160172) Code: AIRF


Airport > Coche

UTM: (10.75,-63.88330078) Code: AIRF


Airport > Guamache

UTM: (10.866700172,-64.03330231) Code: AIRF


Airport > Porlamar

UTM: (10.967700005,-63.83480072) Code: AIRF

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Formal nameBolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Lifespan75 years
ISO Code, 2-letterVE
ISO Code, 3-letterVEN
ISO code, numerical862
Internet TLD.VE
Currencybolívar (pl. bolívares) (VEF). Name of fraction: céntimo
Telephone prefix+58
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