Gia Lai

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Gia Lai is a first-order administrative unit, located in Gia Lai, Viet Nam.

The capital of Gia Lai is Pleiku.

[-] Capitals [See all]

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Capital > Pleiku

UTM: (13.983300209,108) Code: PPLA

A Yun Pa

Capital > A Yun Pa

UTM: (13.400300026,108.43499756) Code: PPLA2

Chư Prông

Capital > Chư Prông

UTM: (13.756799698,107.88600159) Code: PPLA2

Chư Sê

Capital > Chư Sê

UTM: (13.69149971,108.08000183) Code: PPLA2

Chư Ty

Capital > Chư Ty

UTM: (13.805100441,107.69599915) Code: PPLA2

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An Khe

Airport > An Khe

UTM: (13.963500023,108.66100311) Code: AIRF

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